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Should I Be Putting Expensive Gas In My Car?

As drivers we typically inject our vehicles with "regular" gasoline, unless of course our vehicle is in need of a particular type, like diesel. But have we ever asked ourselves if the more expensive gas would...

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How To Become A Defensive Driver

Becoming a defensive driver is learning above and beyond what is expected of you to become a driver by law. In fact, there are defensive driving courses you can take in order to up your driving confidence and...

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Are Touchless Car Washes Better For Your Car?

If you are wondering or ready to have your car washed; then you should know whether the car wash service is good for your car or not. Technically, touchless car washes are a safer choice, as older car wash's...

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Learning About Your Ford LED Lighting

If your Ford vehicle has LED lights then you will enjoy the associated video. LED lighting is awesome and provides safer driving as the quad beam headlights mimic natural daylight which reduces...

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1970 Boss 429 Mustang Surfaces After 29 Years!

Over the years Charlie Lyons, the owner of Charlie's Classic Cars in Irvington, AL, has established such a network, and the revelation of this 1970 Mustang Boss 429 is the fruit of that network.

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What’s Under the Hood of This 1966 Ford Bronco Will Shock You!

Doug bought the engine off of eBay with 60,000 miles on it and installed it in his Bronco as part of a four-year restromod that started back in 2009.

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